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more than a century long experience

More than a century of tradition
Experience is our strenght

The distant origins of the company Mazzoli Chiasais date back to 1858, to a small workshop, situated in the city of Maniago in North-Eastern Italy.

Little is known about the products manufactured during the first decades. The first reliable data go back to the turn of the century when two brothers Umberto and Enrico spent most of the year working in Germany and only returned back home to Maniago for the winter, where they set up a little workshop, manufacturing shears, scissors and surgical instruments.

After World War I the production requirements pushed the two brothers to set up a second workshop in the near proximity, in order to cater to the needs of the growing business.

In the 1940s Umberto and Enrico decided to split the business: Enrico specialized in the production of surgical and dental instruments, while Umberto with his sons Donnino and Luciano focused entirely to the design (several patents) and production of scissors, shears and pocket knives.

In the 1950s, under the guidance of Donnino and Luciano, the first section of the factory was constructed, which served as the basis for the present facility.

The pocket knives produced in the those years are mainly exported to Germany and the USA (some models had a total production of 4 million pieces).

At the turn of the 1950s and 1960s the fouteen-year old Gorgio, nephew of Donnino and Luciano, started working in the company as a mere apprentice. With time, thanks to his ability, his dedication and the evening school training, Gorgio took on a more central role in the company and eventually accepted the ownership following the retirement of his uncles.

It was durirng this period, that the company introduces machines for plastic molding. New items are introduced to the market, such as folding knives with plastic handles, daggers and plastic accessories.

In 1961 the company patented the first scissors with plastic handles, which started a revolution: the artisanal production of forged metal scissors gives way to the industrial assembly of products with plastic handles.

In 1969 the company patented the shears with plastic handles, and from that time onwards concentrated on the creation of new products, which combine metalic and plastic components.

Today, the centuries-old tradition is continued in the historical Via Mazzoli Chiasais by Giorgio and his three sons Gianni, Fabio and Roberto.

  • Every phase of the production process is performed internally

  • We check every single piece before shipping it

  • Most of our products are shipped abroad

  • We invest most of our time and resources in process improvement and new products

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